Naval, Biliran

NAVAL is the capital town among the eight coastal component municipalities of the island province of Biliran. It has its global location at 110 33’ latitude and 124023’ longitude. Found in the Eastern Visayas Region (Region VIII) of the Philippines, and is situated adjacent to the tip northern most part of the Leyte island. Naval is on the west coast of the Biliran island and is bounded on the north immediately by the municipality of Almeria, and Culaba at its northeast. On its east, by the municipalities of Caibiran and Cabucgayan, while down south by the municipality of Biliran. At on its west is the Biliran Strait, and adjacent is the tip northern part of Leyte and going beyond is the Visayan sea.

Approximately Naval is 122 kilometers and 88 kilometers away from the cities of Tacloban and Ormoc, respectively naval-mapof the mainland Leyte with travel time that only takes about an average of 2 hours through a well-paved highway.

The locality has a total land area of 10,824 hectares divided into 26 political component Barangays. As of the year 2007 official census, Naval has a total population of 44,288 registering an average growth rate of about 2.8% per year. The town is pre-dominantly Roman Catholic by religion and Cebuano speaking by its dialect.

Naval was last classified as a 2nd Class Municipality. And being the capital town of the province, Naval is manifestly the s
eat of provincial government. As an economic booming town, it is the center of trade and commerce of the entire island province, as well as to the neighboring proximate municipalities that are under the jurisdiction of the Leyte province. Naval is as well, the center of education being where the only tertiary school located serving for the above described area. With Catholicism having a very significant part of its local history and culture, Naval is also the center of religion as where situates the Cathedral of the Diocese of Naval that covers the entire province and some other 5 municipalities of the Leyte island.