Teresa, Rizal

Teresa is a second class municipality in the province of Rizal, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 57,755 people. The municipality is named after Reyna Teresabanta, the only female datu in precolonial Philippines.

It is situated in the slopes of the Sierra Madre Mountains and is landlocked on four corners by Antipolo City on the north, Angono on the west, Tanay, on the east, and Morong, on the south.

Most of the people here are Tagalogs. Teresa is primarily known for the nearby mountain resorts, Villa Sampaguita Resort and Real Cove Resort (Formerly Sunrise Resort, Sunset Resort, and Terra Villa Resort). Contrary to some articles, Teresa is actually a valley surrounded by mountains. The town center is located almost at the center of the valley. In an aerial view of Teresa, one would notice the previously vast expanse of agricultural land bordered by marble-rich Mountains. The town is passed by motorists bounded for the more inland towns of Morong, Baras, Tanay, Pililla, and Laguna and Quezon provinces.

Land uses (in hectares): Commercial (1.92), Residential (104.32), Agricultural (1183.35), Protected areas (13,952.41), Industrial / Ecozone (710.69), Institutional (112.28), and Special / Other uses (123.03).

The town's festivals are the Turumba sa Mahal na Patron Santa Rosa (held every August 23), Anniversary celebration of town independence (every December 30), and Town fiesta (every 1st Sunday of March) known as "AMARA Festival."

​Amara Festival is the official festival of the Municipality of Teresa in Honor of the Patroness Saint Rose of Lima.The celebration of the feast is called “AMARA Fesitval”. AMARA is the acronyms from the word Adobe, MARmol and Apog which is the natural resources of Teresa.

The town is in the foothills, rich in marble and limestone which is one of the components of making Beauty Products. The celebration of the feast of Teresa 2017 is now on 98th year and the AMARA Festival is in the third year. The festival is part of gratitude of the people for our Almighty God under the guidances of their Patroness of Sta. Rose de Lima. The celebration was also an appreciation of their tradition and culture.

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